Lotto Results For Today & Winning Numbers 2020

Saturday, March 28, 2020








Draw Number: 2532

Jackpot: £6,777,904

Machine Used: Lancelot

Ball Set: 2

Prize Breakdown

Prize Per Winner
Prize Fund Total
Match 6
Rollover 0
Match 5 plus Bonus
Match 5
Match 4
Match 3
Match 2
Free Ticket

Check the latest lotto results on each Wednesday and Saturday night. We provide national lottery results as national lotto results are announced. Lottery results are published in the user-friendly interface. If you want to see results for today scroll down and also read this helpful post.

Lotto Results Today

Lotto draw takes place twice every week. The first lotto draw is announced on Wednesday and second on Saturday. You can check the lotto results today on our website. Lotto draw takes place on Wednesday at 8:30 pm and on Saturday at 7:45 pm. Thousands of people wait for lotto results Saturday and lotto results Wednesday, that’s why published result first of all. As lotto is drawn you can see lotto winning numbers here.


The national lottery is the biggest lottery in the country of the United Kingdom and lotto is the oldest game of national lottery. Lotto is played since 1994 and most famous because of its good prizes and good causes in the UK. The national lottery is attracting thousands of people towards it not only in the United Kingdom but also all around the world.

How to Play Lotto

Lotto is a very interesting and exciting game of the national lottery and it is very simple to play. Simply, choose six digits from 1 to 59. Here we are describing the main steps to join lotto results UK.

  • You can choose numbers from 1 to 59. First, you can choose your own number or randomly and you also can use a number generator.
  • Second decide the lines you want to play. You are allowed to select up to seven lines.
  • Purchase your lotto tickets before ending time.
  • And wait for lotto results. You can see national lottery lotto results on this lotto website.

Lotto Tickets

If you want to play lotto national lottery you can buy lottery tickets easily anywhere in the UK. Lottery tickets are available with all authorized dealers.

How to Win Lotto

In the national lottery, you need to match six digits from 1 to 59 to win the first prize of one million. However, you can win at least matching two digits. If in the lotto the UK results more than one person matched six digits to win the first prize the winning amount is divided in the players but the lowest prize is fixed. Here you can check how to win lotto?

  • If you will match five numbers and one bonus ball you can win £1 million.
  • If you will match five numbers only you can win £1,750.
  • If you will match four numbers you can win the amount of £140.
  • If you will match three numbers only you can win £30.
  • If you will match form 1 to 59 you can lucky dip ticket.

Lotto HotPicks

Lotto hot picks are also a very interesting and exciting game for lottery lovers. Thousands of people also take participate in this amazing lotto game. Lotto hotpicks is also a part of lotto and number are used as same as in national lotto results. A player can enter after paying only £1. But you need to match all the numbers that you have to choose to win. For instance, if you have chosen five numbers to win you will the prize if you will match four otherwise you cannot win the prize.

Lotto Results History

Lotto results history is available for all lotto results to checker on our site. You can check lotto raffle results, lotto hotpicks result, and all previous lotto results. These past results provide help to choose the number that helps you in the upcoming draw. You can choose the winning lotto number form this statics report. Moreover, you can check national lottery results latest update for today.

Finally, we hope you have seen lotto results for today moreover, you can check national lottery result and on our site.