UK 49s Results

49s Results

UK 49s Results is a twice-daily draw that takes place at lunchtime (12:49) and teatime (16:49 Oct – Feb and 17:49 Feb – Oct) every day. UK 49s is the best option for those who want to earn money on daily basis. As in the start, we have discussed earn huge money is the dream for everyone. With UK 49, people can earn more and more in the daily draw. You can check the Latest 49s Results now on this site.

It is mostly played in the UK and in all the European countries. It is also played in Z.A, and partly in all over the world. Betfred UK 49 results provide a lot of winning chances to their players. 49’s lunchtime is the best option there.


The first draw is known as the lunchtime draw. The first UK49s Result is drawn at 12:49 noon daily. This draw is the first option to try your luck in the 49’s.


If you lost lunchtime, you don’t need to worry about it. With UK 49 teatime (daily draw held at 5:49 PM) you have another chance to win. Click below for UK 49s latest results:


The lottery is drawn twice every week. Irish lotto draw is announced each Saturday and Wednesday, a draw is proclaimed around 8:00 PM. We provide the latest 49s results in a user-friendly interface & also update the irish-lotto on every result day.

How to play 49s?

UK 49s is as easy as playing any childish game. There are some rules as every game is supposed to have.

  • You got to choose 6 numbers and 1 bonus number.
  • Numbers range from 1 to 49. You have to choose all the six numbers within the given bracket.
  • After choosing the numbers you have to wait for the Latest UK 49s Results for Today to get announced.
  • If you are lucky enough to see your number in the results then you have to claim for the prize which will be delivered into your bank account.
  • You can bet on as much money as you want to. There is no restriction to it.

Win UK 49s Results In 2021

To be really honest, 49s is all about luck but the more you are vigilant the more you create chances for yourself to win the opportunity. People apply multiple strategies to choose numbers. Many players keep an eye on the previous results and make a bid on the number that has appeared more in the results. Whereas, some just try their luck out randomly. Some players put their faith in their lucky numbers and bet on those numbers.

Speaking honestly, these aforementioned strategies are just an excuse for self-satisfaction otherwise it has to do nothing with the winning. The UK 49s Results are totally transparent and unbiased. No person can claim the results before they are announced and if you found anyone doing that then please beware of it. They are just hooks!

You have the option of choosing 6 numbers and 1 bonus number. Choosing 7 numbers to increase the chance of winning the 49s lotto. Just give time to the choosing process as once you have chosen the numbers and bet on them, then you cannot alter it or change it according to your desires. Accordingly, pick the numbers and try your luck.

  • Numbers you need to win for 49s

6 numbers with an addition of a bonus number are called the “BOOSTER”. In the UK 49s Results, the ball is taken out from the number range 1 to 49.

Hot & Cold Balls

The favorite Hot & Cold Balls results. The 3 hottest and coldest numbers for 49s results are based on over the last 4 weeks.




13 Times

13 Times

12 Times




3 Times

2 Times

2 Times


49s is the name of the organization that composes the UK 49s lotto. The 49’s office is situated in London and is played in UK and in South Africa.

49s Results have 2 draws, lunchtime results & teatime results. Lunchtime held at noon 12.49 PM(UK), known as 49’s Lunchtime Draw.
Teatime held at 17:49 PM(UK), known as 49’s Teatime Draw.

You need to choose 6 balls and 1 Booster ball, so a total of 7 balls are required to choose to win the 49’s lotto.

49’s Ltd has been registered in the UK since 1996. If you never won, you can try your luck with the lotto winning strategies, checking the hot and cold balls, and choosing numbers with a strategy.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch the 49s Live Draw, you can check back the results as soon as the draw is held at our website