The favourite Hot & Cold Balls results. The 3 hottest and coldest numbers for 49s results are based on over the last 4 weeks. 49’s is a twice daily draw that takes place at lunchtime (12:49) and teatime (16:49 Oct – Feb and 17:49 Feb – Oct) everyday.

Lottery Calculation:

Hot Balls


16 times


11 times


11 times

Cold Balls


4 times


4 times


2 times

What time are the 49s results draw?

Lunchtime Draw

Held at noon 12:49 PM(UK), known as UK 49s Lunchtime Draw

Teatime Draw

Held at evening 17:49 PM(UK), known as UK 49s Teatime Draw

49s Results Today

49s lotto is world famous lotto game. This lotto game is very interesting and amazing lottery game for gamblers. UK 49s lotto results are drawn twice in a day. Draws are held 7 days in a week. Lunchtime lotto results and teatime lottery results. You can play UK 49s offline and online both. The UK49s is one of the biggest national lotteries which have been played with a gap. The difference of UK 49s Results Today is made base on the specified points.

  • Structure of gambling
  • Prize construction
  • Frequency of draw
  • Methods of picking balls and buying tickets.

Basically, the UK 49s has been established in 1990  and the reason for institution would be to flourish pros and cons of the country.  This match is double drawn out within the day.  And draw out every day in 7 days of the week. This is suitable and possess all lawful approaches to play either you are in UK or out of the country.  Our very best team seller updates amazing ball amounts and makes it a lot easier for you.  Participants can pick 49s Results Today out of here.  That is immediately updated while the Lunchtime and Teatime Results will out.

49s results betfred

UK 49s Results for Today UK 49s is basically a daily gaming match. Also, draw out on a daily basis. 2 raffles are drawn out on daily. One is lunchtime and the next is teatime. Lunchtime is usually held in 12.49 PM. However, the next is held at 4:49 PM. Both are predicated on the preceding raffle numbers and forecasts.
49s Newest Results are updated on this site. We ensure that the raffle has been played fairly and lawfully. And the numbers that you would receive will also be just and legal. 49s legally established as 6 balls and 1 is bonus ball. However, depending on your betting and cash spend on stakes you can choose randomly one ball. Then play with only one ball for which you are betting out.

Uk 49s Lunchtime Results

Hello users!   Here is UK 49s LunchTime Results for you people.  This website continuously updating lunchtime result which is held at 12:49 PM (UK).  Entire criteria for playing the game will be just like for its teatime.  And users have a total of 7 chunks as 6 balls of the draw and 1 bonus ball.  With distinct gambling, the amount player can perform all 6 or any 1 for which he/she keen to devote wages of the betting amount. The blind spot is a character of 49s Results Now. 

So, we cannot even provide you fixed numbers.  But 100 percent surety of digit that these will work for you.  Because the whole session is stored on arbitrary chosen.  So, there might be chances to hit your lucky quantity or miss a lot.  You either choose your birth date or other death famous digits as luckiest one.  But make a good and robust combination for winnings.

UK 49s Teatime Lotto Result The 2nd draw of the afternoon is a 49s teatime results.  Which have a relation with the previous draw in the sense of picking different balls?  As whole selection for the next raffle is just chosen from the previously introduced.  Every day in 7 days of week result is held at 17:49 PM (UK) as 4.49 PM of local.  Total draw contains 6 balls but one is extra or a bonus ball.  49 users may perform and choose from 1 to 49 balls for all 6 balls.

The competition does not have any limitation and stuck towards one point to perform.  From different lotto stores and workplaces, a player can play this game.  Because it is also an internet system of playing.  So, here odds that there is a giggling completion among the consumers.  Yet, need more new and tricky strategies and terms for winnings.  We’re here for you people to facilitate you with new tricks and update benefits. Rules to Play UK49s.

Rules For Playing lucky 49s

These are extremely amazing fair rules.  Everyone should understand these rules.  Either way you’re residential of UK or outside.  So, keep these rules in mind before to perform this game.

  • Make sure your today selection is totally from the last draw selections.  So, that you may have the ability to play lunchtime raffle.
  • After lunchtime the entire selection is made and presented for the next teatime draw.  Overall choice of lunch time is being presented around about 1 PM. 
  • So, the computation consists of and teatime draw has to be chosen from the preceding but your each selection is based on 4 digits as well as every ball is betted separately. 
  • If someone has five consecutive losing stakes.  Then one can begin from 1.  
  • You’re out of any restricted amount for betting.  That is the only reason UK 49s is eminent among the people both offline and online. 

How to Win?

The way to win UK 49s? But if a player is enjoying the match. And have sufficient knowledge and information concerning them. Then there may more opportunities that you may use your own approaches and winning strategies. There’s a possibility that these facts are clear and suitable for UK 49s Teatime Results. For the people which mostly plays combination and group of digits.
Because these wouldn’t occur to you as a lucky number. Thus, keep preventing such digits on your selection of 6 chunks. Another thing for the competition is if you’re a player of your lucky numbers. Just like you’ve got a blessed digit as 3. Then within the same raffle do not use the numerous of 3 like (6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21,. .) . However, you can use them in various raffles. There may more opportunities to win with such luckiest digits.

Boost Your Chance of Winning ( 49s results )

Increase Your Chance of Winnings Dear! You just notice that UK 49s Results today have bigger chances to win. Yes, it’s a simple fact that a great deal of people can win this match. But, we are going to tell you how you can raise your probability of winnings. Additionally, never spend your money you would never afford to lose. Because there might be opportunities that players will lose 49s Latest Results UK.
UK 49s Lucky Numbers can be generated via the use of the application and simulated application on the internet. That have a probability that these will supply strangely and all 6 chunks that are being outcomes of the draw. As participant picks 4 chunks from the 1-49. But one from a bonus in lunchtime. So, rather than to stop playing if once or two play inside a week. But your oddness could never occur and juices of your odd numbers are moving through some other gamers. So, it’s true to improve your winnings.

Picking your Numbers for 49s lottery

Picking UK49s Numbers Unlike another lotteries since you hear about everything you need to decide on the specific numbers. But here the whole arrangement of picking numbers is different. So, that 49s Results Betfred is also getting disagreed. Www UK49s permit the competition to select the amount as they desire.
Either they can play with one ball. In Irish Lottery Result 49s, you do not even need to should choose all 6 chunks and one bonus ball. Suppose the contender wishes to pick just 1 ball. Then bet is only to apply to the results of the single number which is results of this draw. Usually, for only number bet the odd is attracted out of low 6-1 odds. Nonetheless, the whole lotto game is based on betting money.

How much to bet on 49s lottery?

Except for different lotteries as we already tell you that this game made a huge difference. So, here too in the point contender need and willingness allow them how much money you would like to invest on betting. Unlike other games that allow the players to stay with just one amount of money.
Betting and their prize cash affected by the arrangement and results of this raffle. The more you bet the gambling on 6 lotto’s. Then greater amount you may collect after winning. This means the two are interrelated with each other. Now, its users choose how much sum you’ve got for gambling. Accordingly, pick the numbers and try your luck.

Structure of 49s Lotto

If players want to make a structure of 49s Result Today. Then symmetry is merely the odd ones in the event that you’ll produce an asymmetric structure for the sport. In fact, the prize amount of the given structure changes over the willingness of gambling amount that you wager on the results. 49s UK provides odds for each and every result of the only number ranging from 6-1 to strange 14000, 000-1. Odd of all 49s Lotto cannot change in any way. But, an entire other choice is based on user choice.

How to Buy a Ticket for 49s?

Other than the manual or the people outside the country can perform this 49s Results Today online.  That’s why most of the people today participate in the sport of jackpot and win.  In online methods, you will find two kinds that a player can use for online playing. With the use of rich account playing methods.  First player deposit money into their account.  Then play with the help of those resources. 

When contender will acquire UK 49s Results For Today.  Then it will be notified via email.  However, for immediate winners, the winnings have been transferred into consideration. This means you are playing with the registration process and your information is submitted to a own bank account.  Whenever your whole information is submitted then entire entries of records are made automatically and consumer information through the email.  After winning, the participants will receive notification of winning amounts.

Yahoo! Together with the help this kind of unbelievable match you may change the way you live.  And you’ll be able to turn your lifestyle as you need.  Here super and king digits and strategies are available.  Which makes sure your winnings and supply how single users win.  Oddness of 49s Results Nowadays and ticket of lotteries rely upon your betting amount. Price of each UK 49s Teatime and lunchtime ticket is totally dependent on a wager that you gamble on single digits.  But the minimum sum for your UK 49s is 1 pound

Payout Criteria Method for ladbrokes 49s

Criteria is very simple,  but determined by salary amount.  But, we specify each plan for 1 to 6 digit selection.

  • On the other side when the 7 draw winnings on $2 wager will probably be $10.  And for strange 5/1. 
  • For number 2 playing with the 6 draws winning betting $2 will be $132 and also for bizarre 66/1.  Compared to 7 draw amount winnings prize amount will be $90.  And for odds 45/1. 
  • Next for pick 3 amounts of playing with 6 drawing bonuses on gambling $2.  The prize amount would be $1300 and for chances 650/1.  But for 7 balls with the exact same betting amount prize will be $656 and for chances 328/1. 
  • Today, for number 4 in the event the player will select for 6 draw numbers.  Than $16000 on gambling $2 but for chances 8000/1.  
  • For choosing 5 on gambling 2 and 6 brings winning number prize will be $300,000 and for odds of 150,000/1. 
  • For picking 7 drawing winning numbers on gambling $2 level is going to be $100,000 and for odds 50,000/1. 

Here is the fundamental criteria which we give you to receive the payouts of a prize after winnings.  So, more you aware of the conditions and strategies.  More winning opportunities you have to get 49s Results.

Welcome to UK 49s results. First of all congratulation to all the winners of UK49s teatime results & Lunchtime results, recently updated UK 49s results are available here. You can see official 49s teatime result, Lunchtime results numbers that are drawn today. We published result update as lottery result is announced by lottery office. Scroll up to see UK 49s latest results and also read helpful information.

How many numbers do you need to win 49s results?

Six numbers in addition to a reward number known as the “Sponsor” are drawn from balls checked 1-49. You can play either the 6 or 7 number draw (which incorporates the Booster ball to build your odds of winning).

Welcome to UK 49s results. First of all congratulation to all the winners of UK49s teatime results & Lunchtime results, recently updated UK 49s results are available here. You can see official 49s teatime result, Lunchtime results numbers that are drawn today. We published result update as lottery result is announced by lottery office. Scroll up to see UK 49s latest results and also read helpful information.