Latest 49s Results (November, 2020)

Get the most recent UK 49s lottery results from the dedicated group at 49sResult. Our team will give forward-thinking numbers from the lunchtime and teatime draws implying that you won’t miss a think with regards to the 49’s. So whether you are new to the 49’s or a professional with the draws themselves, you know we here at 49sResult have got you covered.

The favourite Hot & Cold Balls results. The 3 hottest and coldest numbers for 49s results are based on over the last 4 weeks. UK49s is a twice daily draw that takes place at lunchtime (12:49) and teatime (16:49 Oct – Feb and 17:49 Feb – Oct) everyday.

Hot Balls


17 times


15 times


14 times

Cold Balls


3 times


2 times


2 times

What time are the 49s result draw?

Lunchtime Draw

Held at noon 12:49 PM(UK)

Teatime Draw

Held at evening 17:49 PM(UK)

What are 49s & Uk49s Results?

49s is a renowned lotto that is a center of attraction for multiple gamblers who take part online from all over the world. UK49s results are announced twice a day and 7 days a week, so the players have 14 chances in a week to try their luck and will a jackpot.  You just need to grab a laptop and internet connection and can play 49s from every corner of the world.

UK49s laid its foundation in 1990 under a mission to eradicate poverty from the country by making donations and to empower the suppressed of the society. 49s is cleared of all unlawful charges according to the British law and can be played from both in and outside the country. You can find the 49s lotto results here on this page and can allow us to be a part of your life changing moment. Participants can get 49s Results Today just by clicking on this page. 


49s is basically a daily gambling platform where you can invest and go home a millionaire. 49s results are announced twice daily and a person can try ones luck anytime he wants to and there are no limitations for the number of times you play the lotto.

49s has chosen two exquisitely exciting time frames of the day to make your day. First results are announce during the lunchtime and are called Lunchtime results usually takes place at 12:49 PM. However, the latter results are announced in the evening and are named as Teatime results which are held at 4:49 PM.

UK 49s is just a gateway to the paradise that you have always dreamt of cherishing on Earth. Fortune belongs to those who take risks and you will definitely be wanting to try your luck when the chances are way more in order for you to win.

Rules For Playing 49s

49s is as easy as playing any childish game. There are some rules as every game is supposed to have. 

  • You got to choose 6 numbers and 1 bonus number.
  • Numbers ranges from 1 to 49. You have to choose all the six numbers with in the given bracket.  
  • After choosing the numbers you have to wait for the 49s results to get announced. 
  • If you are lucky enough to see your number in the results then you have to claim for the prize which will be delivered into your bank account.
  • You can bet on as much money as you want to. There is no restriction to it.

How to Win UK49s?

To be really honest, lotto is all about luck but the more you are vigilant the more you create chances for yourself to win the opportunity. People apply multiple strategies to choose the numbers. Many players keep an eye on the previous results and take a bid on the number that has appeared more in the results. Whereas, some just try their luck out randomly. Some players put their faith on their lucky numbers and bet on those numbers.

Speaking honestly, these afore strategies are just an excuse of self-satisfaction otherwise it has to do nothing with the winning. The results are totally transparent and unbiased. No person can claim about the results before they are announced and if you found anyone doing that then please beware of it. They are just hooks!

Enhance Your Chances of Winning 49s

Upsurge Your Chance of Winnings! Yes, it’s a simple fact that a great deal of people can win this match. But, we are going to tell you how you can raise your probability of winnings. Additionally, never spend your money you would never afford to lose. UK 49s Lucky Numbers can be produced with the use of the application on the internet. Just stay alert and give a bit focus on the strategies. It is very necessary to give a tactical sight before choosing a number so that you can boost your winning and definitely, even the luck is based on how statistically one has played.

Various experienced gamblers can predict and knows the right way to hit a jackpot so getting some help from them will be effective.

Picking your Numbers for 49s

Like many other lottery, 49s gives you a numerical bracket to choose the numbers from ranging from 1 to 49. You can bet on the numbers given in this bracket and can take part in the competition by selecting the amount you desire. UK49s does not confine the amount limit and helps a large number of masses to take part in the competition.

You have an option of choosing 6 numbers and 1 bonus number. Choosing 7 numbers increase an august chance of winning the lotto. Just give time to the choosing process as once you have chosen the numbers and bet on it then you cannot alter it or change it according to your desires.

How much to bet on 49s?

Except for different lotteries as we already tell you that this game made a huge difference. So, here too in the point contender need and willingness allow them how much money you would like to invest on betting. Unlike other games that allow the players to stay with just one amount of money.

The more you bet the gambling on 6 lotto’s the greater the amount you may collect after winning. This means the two are interrelated with each other. Now it is the user’s choice that how much sum he has got for gambling. Accordingly, pick the numbers and try your luck.

Structure of 49s

If players desire to formulate a structure of 49s Results Today then symmetry is merely the odd ones in the event that you’ll produce an asymmetric structure for the sport. In fact, the prize amount of the given structure changes over the willingness of gambling amount that you wager on the results. 49s UK offers odds for each result of the only number ranging from 1-6 figures you have chosen. The numbers of 49s Lotto cannot be changed in any way once they are opted but an entire other choice is based on user choice.

Numbers you need to win 49s

6 numbers with an addition of a bonus number is called as the “BOOSTER”, are taken out from the number range 1-49.


Most frequent questions and answers

49s is the name of the organization that composes the UK 49s lottery. The 49s office is situated in London and is played in UK and in South Africa.

49s Results have 2 draws, lunchtime results & teatime results. Lunchtime held at noon 12.49 PM(UK), known as UK 49s Lunchtime Draw.
Teatime held at 17:49 PM(UK), known as UK 49s Teatime Draw.

You need to choose 6 balls and 1 Booster ball, so a total of 7 balls are required to choose to win the 49s lottery.

49’s Ltd has been registered in the UK since 1996. If you never won, you can try your luck with the lotto winning strategies, checking the hot and cold balls, and choosing numbers with a strategy.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch the 49s Lottery Results Live, you can check back the results as soon as the draw is held at our website which is